Yearly Theme/ Lesson Plan Focus

The primary students will be exposed to a variety of games and activities which focuse on fun, teambuilding, safe travel, and basic locomotor movements. Many of the activities are designed to challenge the students while ensuring that each student has a large portion of success. I look forward to an exciting and challenging year! Please support our effort make this year's Physical Education experience a success by encouraging the children to adhere to the following reminders:  


  • please ensure that your child has the proper attire in order to safely participate during class which includes gym shoes and loose fitting clothing
  • he/she may bring water in a sealed contain, although no soft drinks, i.e. cool-aid, pop, etc.
  • an inhaler if indicated by his/her regular medical doctor
  • a guardian's note if he/she has a medical condition and cannot participate

If during the year there are any questions of concerns, feel free to contact me at the school.


Thanking you in advance,

Leo Congenie

P.E. Instructor

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