Welcome all to the Goudy Physical Education page!


Hi, my name is Leo Congenie and I'm one of the P.E. instructors here at Goudy. I have served as a P.E. teacher within the Chicago district for close to twenty years. I enjoy applying my training in exercise science to benefit every child at our school. I strive to provide the children with as many opportunities as possible to promote an active lifestyle. My belief is that providing fun activities both during class and after-school serves to help shape our students to become physically, emotionally and academically balanced.  

This site is dedicated to informing parents and students about physical education, fitness, health and wellness. There are specific tabs for both Primary and Middle Upper grade levels. There is a Safety tab that gives information on safe practices before, during, and after for everyone from the exercising student to the competitive athlete. Finally, the Sports tab lists the many different sport teams available to the students of Goudy.

It is my hope that that the information provided will give you an understanding of the curriculum and sports programs at Goudy Elementary. The safety information will give you the tools to promote your fitness, health and wellness. Updates will be posted on a regular basis with news and upcoming events! In excited about the start of our new year which i'm sure is going to be a great success! I would enjoy meeting you, so feel free to stop by say hello!



Leo Congenie

P.E. Instructor 


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