President's Challenge


1. Curl-ups 

  • Objective - To measure abdominal strength and endurance by maxium number of curl-ups performed in a minute.
  • Testing - The student will lay on their back and bend their knees upwards. A second person will hold their ankle while the person testing will cross their arms and touch their shoulders. On the count of three, the kid shall perform one curl-up and go back down until the 1 minute is over.
  • Scoring - Bouncing off the floor is not counted as a point. The back should touch the floor when going back down.

2. Shuttle Run

  • Objective - Measure speeds and agility
  • Testing - Have two students stand a few feet apart from each other. Their will be 4 blocks and two for each students to pickup during the race. They will be picking up the first block and come back to the starting line to drop it off. They will run back to the starting line with the last block. The instructor will have you timed.
  • Scoring - Scores will be recorded by the the nearest tenth of a second.

3. Pull-ups

  • Objective - Measures upper body strength and endurance by maxium number of pull ups completed.
  • Testing - A student will hold a bar with feet off the floor in an overhand or overhand grasp. Student's arm will be fully extended and pull up until the chin is past the bar. Student will go back down with the arms fully extended again.
  • Scoring - The pull-ups should be smooth and not jerky,kicking, or swinging motions.
4. Flexed-Arm Hang
  • Objective - Maintaining a flexed-arm hang position as long as possible
  • Testing - A student will grasp a bar with an overhand or underhand grasp with their chin above the bar. Their feet will have to be off the floor too and hold for as long as possible.
  • Scoring - The chest and legs should be straight and when their chin goes under the bar, that is when the time stops.

    5. V-Sit Reach

    • Objective - Measuring flexiblilty of lower back and hamstrings.
    • Testing - A student will sit on a measuring line with their shoes taken off. They will get two chance to reach out as far as they can without bending their knees. An instructor will measure how far you have reached. They will keep your higher score out of the two tries.
    • Scoring - When stretching, students cannot bend their knees or boucne but simply reach foward.


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